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Recent research by Social Enterprise NL shows that social enterprises influence the broader business community to act more sustainably and inclusively by: 

Are you eager to take your impact strategy to the next level? 

Our free online course will help you discover the true power of your influence and strategically harness your influencing potential. 


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Take your impact strategy to the next level

In collaboration with Social Change Innovators (SCI) and Catalyst 2030, Social Enterprise NL is developing a free online course for social entrepreneurs worldwide to develop and improve the effectiveness of their influencing strategy. The course is hosted on the SCI website, which provides ways to connect to other social entrepreneurs globally and share resources on the topic of influencing relevant for your (local) context. 
In this online course, you will explore a new dimension of impact by incorporating an influencing perspective into your organization’s Theory of Change. The course challenges you to articulate your influencing strategy explicitly. In this way, you will discover which influencing activities you might have overlooked, which activities deserve more focus, and which activities may be less aligned with your influencing capacity. Next to contributing to the effectiveness of your influencing strategy, this knowledge could help to cultivate a profound awareness and understanding of the organization’simpact strategy for all team members. 
We take you along a learning journey, consisting of 5 modules, to help you (further) develop your own influencing strategy. To help you along your journey, you will be guided through each module by various social entrepreneurs from all over the world!

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The modules

Module 1

Course Introduction

Get familiar with the course overview, the e-learning resources, and the influencing characteristics and activities; map current challenges; formulate your influencing objectives.

Module 2

Understanding Influencing

Learn about influencer characteristics and influencing challenges.

Module 3

Determining your Influencing Potential

Revise your Theory of Change through an influencing lens and plot relevant stakeholders.

Module 4

Building Your Influencing Strategy

Identify synergies between your influencing potential and the influencing theory; prioritize and build your strategy.

Module 5

Exploring Influencing Challenges

Identify and learn how to navigate key influencing challenges.


Influencing Activity In-Depth Modules

Explore the ins and outs of the 11 influencing activities through 11 case studies.